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Flanagan Announces The Flanagan 15 Point Plan For Immigration Reform
Opposes Any Form Of Amnesty
Sees Illegal Immigration As An Economic and Homeland Security Threat

Bradenton, FL/July 13, 2006 — Mark Flanagan, Republican candidate for Florida's Thirteenth Congressional District, announced a new and stringent plan to deal with the pressing issue of illegal immigration. Flanagan is adamantly opposed to any form of amnesty for illegal immigrants currently living in the United States. He sees the issue of illegal immigration as one that threatens the United States economy by taking away jobs from Americans and one of homeland security, with the current border situation and lax immigration enforcement making it easy for terrorists to enter the United States.

"Illegal immigration is out of control in the United States overburdening our social services and costing taxpayers dearly," said Flanagan. "For over twenty years our enforcement efforts have been failing. The time is now to bring about fundamental reform that will correct the situation once and for all. This issue demands a comprehensive approach that will secure our borders and not just glib sound bites. In Congress, I will work to bring about the leadership and solutions needed to deal with this problem. There must be no amnesty for illegal immigrants in the United States. That issue must be taken off the table. More importantly, we must effectively guard our borders and take punitive action to take away the attraction of working illegally in the United States."

The provisions of Flanagan's immigration reform plan include:

  1. Ending the "Catch and Release" policy by making expedited removal of illegal aliens mandatory and to require the completion of the US-VISIT entry-exit system.
  2. Authorizing the deployment of the United States military along the border and giving them enforcement powers.
  3. Construction of a permanent border along the United States-Mexico border extending from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. Construction to begin with the most heavily trafficked border crossings.
  4. Mandatory employer verification of worker eligibility to work in the United States.
  5. Stiff punitive penalties for knowingly hiring illegal workers that would increase with additional violations.
  6. Making it clear that local and state authorities are authorized to apprehend illegal aliens in the conduct of their routine duties, a legal uncertainty that has prevented untold thousands of captures.
  7. Prohibit illegal aliens from any access to Social Security benefits.
  8. Remove employer tax deductions for wages and benefits paid to illegal aliens.
  9. Limit birthright citizenship to the children of United States citizens and legal permanent residents.
  10. Withhold funding to cities that participate in the sanctuary policy for illegal immigrants. The practice of sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants has allowed violent criminals to enter the country and commit crimes within in the United States.
  11. End the policy of "chain migration". Currently legal immigrants are allowed to bring extended family members into the United States under the family reunification portion of the Immigration and Nationality Act. This allows immigrants to bring in distant relatives who bring in their relatives creating a chain of barely-related individuals.
  12. Oppose any efforts to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants living in the United States.
  13. Creating a Border Security Agency that would be under the control of the Director of Homeland Security. This agency would take over the overlapping functions currently handled by INS, Customs, Agriculture, and the Coast Guard.
  14. Withhold certain federal funds to states that allow illegal immigrants to get drivers' licenses.
  15. End all loopholes in federal laws that benefit illegal aliens and those who profit from their illegal presence in the United States.

"Our nation is a country of immigrants who have made this country great but who also did it by earning their citizenship legally," said Flanagan. "Enforcement and prevention of illegal immigration must be our policy."

Flanagan believes that his comprehensive and common sense approach will end the problem of illegal immigration. He believes that the problem of illegal immigration is a serious economic one where many employers are hiring illegal immigrants at low cost and taking away jobs from American citizens. He also believes our unsecured borders pose a grave threat to homeland security and would be easy for terrorists to slip across and carry out their activities.

"The flood of illegal immigrants into the United States is taking away jobs from American citizens and this must end," said Flanagan. "My plan is designed to do this by preventing illegal immigration and punishing the employers who knowingly hire them. If employers know that there is a penalty to pay for hiring illegal aliens, this will greatly assist in curtailing the appeal of hiring cheap labor at the expense of American citizens. More importantly securing our borders is a national security issue. Today, with our borders unsecured it would be quite easy for a terrorist to slip into the United States undetected, my plan will help stop this."

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