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Flanagan Condemns North Korean Missile Test
Calls For Strong Response Against North Korean Blackmail
Says Latest Action Proves The Wisdom of National Missile Defense Program

Bradenton, FL/July 5, 2006 — Mark Flanagan, Republican candidate for Florida's Thirteenth Congressional District, condemned North Korea's testing of four missiles in the Sea of Japan on the Fourth of July. Flanagan believes that this latest development in the North Korean standoff poses a grave threat to the United States and its allies, particularly Japan and South Korea and requires a strong response from the world community. He stated further that this latest action shows the wisdom of the National Missile Defense Program advocated by Presidents Reagan and Bush and opposed by Congressional Democrats.

"The testing of missiles by the North Korean regime poses a grave threat not only to our allies in the region, such as Japan and South Korea, but to the peace and stability of the entire world," said Flanagan. "Kim Jong Il is taking a page out of Adolf Hitler's playbook of attempting to blackmail the world into getting what he wants. History demonstrates from World War II to the Cold War, that appeasement of dictators such as Kim Jong Il only invites greater danger.

"The entire world including nations such as Iran, are watching to see what type of reaction the world community is taking," continued Flanagan. "Our response must be resolute and firm, we will not negotiate with North Korea directly, we will not give into their demands at the Six Power Conference, and we will work with our allies, and nations such as, China and Russia to increase sanction and pressure on the North Korean regime. In Congress, we need leaders who will continue to support the National Missile Defense Program first proposed by President Reagan and strongly supported by President George W. Bush as our best defense against such threats. We don't need representatives who will take the Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid line of do nothing and appease these rouge regimes."

Flanagan believes that the North Korean missile test is being watched throughout the world, particularly by Iran, as a test of United States resolve. Only a strong and unflinching resolve will deter not only North Korea but Iran, as well, Flanagan believes. Yielding to North Korea or rewarding them at this point with a peace treaty ending the Korean War or giving them billions of dollars in loans would send a message to Iran that such behavior will pay dividends and smack of appeasement similar to the Munich Accords that led to World War II.

"We must remember that the North Korean regime is a brutal dictatorship that still operates on the policies of Stalin and allows millions of its citizens to starve and whose stated objective is the destruction of our allies and our nation," said Flanagan.

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