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Senator Mel Martinez, Mark Flanagan, and Governor Jeb Bush

I want to ensure that the American Dream is available for everyone.


Press Releases and Announcements

06/08/06 Flanagan Praises U.S. Air Strike That Takes Out Al-Zarqawi

06/05/06 Flanagan Calls Quick Congressional Approval Of Federal Marriage Amendment To Ban Gay Marriage

05/24/06 Flanagan Calls Quick Congressional Approval Of Constitutional Amendment To Outlaw Flag Burning

05/17/06 Flanagan Calls For Legislation To Block Medicare Deadline Penalty

05/12/06 Media Alert

05/11/06 Flanagan Announces for Congress

In the News

06/09/06 Manatee reacts to al-Zarqawi death

06/09/06 Candidates want tax relief for vets

05/26/06 Congressional candidates discuss abortion, national security

05/26/06 Few fireworks at first forum for candidates

05/22/06 Political Notebook

05/18/06 How Conservative Are We?

05/18/06 Flanagan refers to Bible on stump

05/17/06 Candidates For Congress Talk Immigration

05/17/06 Candidates tackle immigration issue

05/16/06 13th District Candidates Face Off in Osprey

05/14/06 TV TIME

05/13/06 4 Have No Foes In Bids For Seats

05/12/06 FL House: Late Filings Crowd the Field in Three Contests

05/12/06 Manatee GOP leader joins crowded congressional contest

05/12/06 Fifth Republican enters congressional race

05/12/06 Flanagan is seeking attack-free pledge

05/11/06 FL-13: Flanagan Enters Race to Succeed Rep. Harris

05/11/06 Flanagan enters race for Congress

05/11/06 Mark Flanagan announced he will run for Congress

05/10/06 Mark Flanagan to run for Congress

04/19/06 Manatee GOP chairman running... literally

03/11/06 Flanagan Still Looming in Congressional Race

05/07/05 Congressional Seat Vacated by U.S. Representative Katherine Harris Draws Crowd

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